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The Gritstone Grind

Gritstone ChallengeCovering the whole of the Gritstone Trail in Cheshire, England, in one day is certainly no easy task. I had expected a lot of climbing but hadn’t anticipated quite how much the Trail actually ascends and descends, plus 35 miles in one day was going to be a big ask considering my current fitness levels.

The race registration was at Disley Community Centre, near Stockport, which meant a lovely 4am start Sunday morning to catch the coach from Disley at 7am which was to take us to the start at Kidsgrove Station, near Stoke-on-Trent.

Race organizer Rich had asked the council several times to open the loos at Kidsgrove Station for us and had been assured that they would be… so of course they weren’t… picture a load of well hydrated endurance nutters all desperately trying to find a private spot to answer nature’s call!!

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Preparing for the Gritstone Grind

I am busy preparing for tomorrow’s Gritstone Grind. This is an event organised by Rich of Beyond Marathon– Rich is a veteran of many ultra including the MdS and the Atacama Crossing, and so has a very good idea of what makes for a great day out for ultra nutters.

The Gritstone Grind follows the entire route of the long distance path known as the Gritstone Trail, which runs from the railway station at Disley, near Stockport, to Kidsgrove station, north of Stoke-on-Trent. It is 35 miles long, and our challenge is to walk the whole length of it in one day- or 12 hours to be precise. This will be my longest event for a good while and I am really nervous!

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