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My Review of 2013

Cares GorgeSo as we approach that quiet period between Christmas and the New Year (or the ‘arse-end of the year as one friend likes to call it) I love taking some time out to reflect on and review 2013…

In January I didn’t actually complete any events but did travel to the Adventure Travel show in Olympia where I saw James Cracknell and Ben Fogle speak, and got some great inspiration for future adventures- all I need now is lots of money.


During March I tackled the famously muddy Belvoir Challenge, a popular old favourite which takes place around the rolling countryside of the Vale of Belvoir.

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Norfolk Coast Path- Day Two

Norfolk Coast PathIt was a nice relaxing September weekend at Wells-Next-The-Sea as I strolled along the raised beach road path into the town with my family. My happy reverie was rudely interrupted when out of the corner of my eye I spotted the sign pointing out the Norfolk Coast Path. For a brief second it pointed right at me, beckoning me with a wooden finger and reminding me that I had unfinished business with this path…

… and so, the next day, I found myself striding down that same path with my trusty old Raidlight on my back and my route notes in my hand, as I attempted to knock a sizeable dent into the remaining half of my Norfolk Coast Path adventure.

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Lost in Sherwood Forest…

Sherwood ForestIt was getting dark. I was having trouble seeing the faint sliver of path as I fumbled my way along it, overshadowed by the tall pines of the forest. I could just make out the silhouettes of the trees surrounding me, black against the dark inky blue of the sky, the slightest sliver of daylight still visible on the horizon.

Soon, very soon, it would be gone and I would have real difficulty finding my way. I stomped along the track as fast as my aching muscles would allow, hoping that this was finally the path that would lead to where I had parked my car, several hours before.

If it didn’t, I was hopelessly lost.

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