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Can Going to the Gym Help Build Endurance Fitness?

endurance adventuresWhat does the gym mean to you? The very word ‘gym’ seems to instantly divide people into two camps- the regular gym bunnies who can’t live without their several times a week work out and the gym-o-phobes who have a panic attack at the thoughts of setting foot inside a gym (or was that just my sister?)

Ok maybe there’s a third camp… the people who pay upfront for a gym membership, go a few times and then never darken the door again, but are reluctant to actually cancel their membership as they could no longer kid themselves that they will ‘definitely start going again next week’.

So, can going to the gym actually help you in your quest for endurance fitness? Does it have a place alongside the hours of running and walking we have to put in?


I think it does.

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Here’s To 2014!!

2014The chocolates are finished, the cards are in the recycling bin and the tree has been unceremoniously shoved back into the under stairs cupboard for another year… and so now is the time to turn our thoughts towards 2014 and the adventures that the year has in store…

I do love this time of year. It is a perfect period for pausing and taking stock of the year that has passed, and making plans for the year to come.

So without further ado here are my plans for the coming shiny New Year;

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