120Apologies for my recent absence… you would be forgiven for thinking I had abandoned my blog and gone AWOL… well I haven’t… I have just been on holiday.

Ok so this is an endurance blog so where have I been and what have I been doing? Some tough mountain climb perhaps? A hard trek somewhere remote? No? Well then how about some really challenging ultra race somewhere hot?

Wrong. Not even close. I have actually been on a ahem- cough- cruise. Ok ok a CRUISE- I have been on an all inclusive Mediterranean cruise. With food on tap all day and sun beds on deck and bus trips galore…

In my defence it was a family holiday with my mum, Step dad and two sisters and yes it was lovely… not my usual type of holiday (of which people usually speak in inverted commas) but very enjoyable. And I did do quite a lot of walking. And used the gym twice! The beauty of a cruise is seeing lots of different places and checking out the ones you would like to explore further- so you see it was a recce really- honest!!

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