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Beating the Ego!

slobWhatever it is we want to achieve in life, be it a certain level of fitness or attaining our idea weight, there is unfortunately an enemy in our camp, lurking and lying in wait to ensure we fail. Who is this enemy and where are they to be found? The enemy is actually in your own mind and it’s called the ego…

It is the ego’s seductive voice we hear when it whispers into our ear ‘You have had a tough day… you can’t possibly think about going out for that run right now… put your feet up, watch a bit of trashy telly and run tomorrow…’

Or ‘You may as well eat that chocolate bar… you had chips and a couple of biscuits at work remember- the damage is done now so you might as well pig out now and start the diet again from tomorrow’.

Or how about ‘you’re far too busy to go to the gym tonight… look at all the cleaning you need to do and what about that humongous pile of ironing?’

Sounds familiar?

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Keeping Plodding as the Nights are Drawing In…

j0443420… and this is exactly what I have been doing… plodding my way back to some semblence of fitness!

I have managed to wobble my way round my three mile circuit a couple of times which, whilst quite pathetic, it a lot more than I have been doing this summer thanks to my mystery foot injury!

As well as completing the Norfolk Coast Path I have also been going fairly consistently to the gym- it’s amazing how the mind convinces the body that work’s been so stressful today, I can’t possibly think about exercising tonight, what I really, really need is to sit down in front of the telly with a mug of coffee and a mahoosive bar of chocolate…

This is especially the case when the nights start drawing in. Instead of lovely sunny evening walks and runs by lakeside, canal or through fields, we are faced with pounding along dark, wet pavements through rain and drizzle. The only mitigating factor for the dark nights is that I can run without being seen- pound the pavements in broad daylight and I feel I should be wearing a sign above my head saying ‘Hey! Look at this fat girl trying to run!!’

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Norfolk Coast PathI feel I must apologise for my lengthy hiatus from this blog! I haven’t given up on it or any of my endurance ambitions, I have just had an enforced break due to my mysterious foot swelling and the arrival of my Dad and Step mum for their usual August stay… they live in Spain but it gets intolerably hot in August and so they use my house as a base to visit friends and relatives, and it seemed such a nicer idea to kick back and spend time with them rather than slogging it out on the streets and trails…

… but it’s not been all sitting around eating chocolate (ok then it has mostly). I spent a few days at Wells-Next-The-Sea this week and did manage to waddle my way along 13 miles of shingle and cliff to complete the Norfolk Coast Path (NCP). Yes- I finally completed it and it only took me two years!

I was just getting over a cold and could have happily postponed, bearing in mind that I have not even walked 6 miles for some time, let alone 13, but decided I would regret not doing it, so gave myself a stern talking to and headed to Cley-Next-The-Sea on the Coasthopper- my ending point for part two of the Norfolk Coast Path.

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