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Bradgate ParkBradgate Park in Leicestershire is a lovely little oasis. A former deer park, it has retained the deer and has been opened up for the public to enjoy; a unique area of woodland, heather moorland and rocky outcrops that almost seem out of place this close to the city.

It boasts the ruins of Bradgate House, the 16th century childhood home of Lady Jane Grey, who tragically lost her head after just 9 days on the throne of England.

The ruins are still fairly extensive and are only open at certain times during the week. We were lucky- yesterday afternoon was one of those times.

It is rutting season and we were treated to the sounds of bellowing and the sight of emboldened stags. As we were walking back to the car, the late evening sun suddenly peeped out from below the clouds and lit up the park with a magical golden light.

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A gentle stroll round Draycote Water

The fight back to fitness continues as I wobbled my way around 4.5 miles last night. Unfortunately I haven’t done an awful lot else apart from a walk with a friend at the weekend.

Draycote WaterWe went to Draycote Water; a reservoir near Rugby in Warwickshire. At 630 acres it is quite a large reservoir and as we approached the wall of the dam near the visitors centre the expanse of water stretched into the distance. We thought we would walk so far and then retrace our steps- it made a nice change having company and I was quite happy with a gentle undemanding stroll given my current lack of fitness,

There is an easy tarmac path round the perimeter of the reservoir with the odd nature trail deviating from it. Although dogs aren’t allowed it is obviously a popular running and cycling route.

It was quite pleasant strolling along the path, chatting and watching the boats on the water and we suddenly realised that it would be quicker to complete the circuit of the lake than to turn back.

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The Spires and Steeples; Event Report

Spires and SteeplesAs I am writing this, the day after the 2014 Spires and Steeples, it has been throwing it down all day. It is really wild, wet and windy out- a proper autumn day- and I have had the luxury of observing it from a nice, warm (maybe too warm) office.

It’s not too often us endurance nutters can feel smug about the weather, but as yesterday was one of the most glorious days we have had for a while, and certainly the best day of the week, I can admit to feeling rather smug!

Although foggy, I could see the stars as I drove to Sleaford to catch the coach, which boded well for a clear day and certainly a contrast to last year’s event! Parking up, I walked to the National Centre for Craft and Design to locate a toilet, meeting up with Sue, who I finished the White Peak Walk with in 2013. Sue was walking the Spires and Steeples with her mum, a fit 72 year old, who was a little apprehensive as she had not completed a walk of this length for some time. I was really pleased to later learn that she completed it, which was a fantastic achievement.

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