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Run For Richard 10k

Run for RichardWith the re-interment of King Richard 111, whose remains were found under Leicester Social Services car park in 2012, due to take place in Leicester Cathedral next week, the whole of the Midlands has been gearing up for this once in a lifetime event. Very interesting, I hear you say, but what’s that got to do with running and stuff?

Because I was perusing my emails a few weeks ago when I saw a link to a 10k Race on Sunday 15th March, called ’Run for Richard’, which would pass by Bosworth Visitor’s Centre and through the historic Leicestershire village of Market Bosworth. Proceeds would benefit both the Cathedral appeal and the charity Combat Stress. Keen to be a part of something that will only happen once, I signed up and then regretted it as I have not done a 10k with the intention of running it all for ages.

On looking at the web site the night before the race I noticed that only around 70 people were taking part, most of whom were club runners. Convinced I’d be last, I was very tempted not to turn up, but then I gave myself a stern talking to- I can’t keep entering events, failing to train sufficiently and then backing out of them!

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Argh- Illness!

Bradgate ParkIt was going so well… I had been much more motivated and had even managed two fairly long runs on two consecutive days. I was feeling quite chuffed with myself…

… and then- wham! Runny nose, sore throat, aching limbs, wheezing when doing nothing more strenuous when climbing stairs (oh wait, that’s not the cold, that’s just me!) and feeling generally sh*te.

I succumbed to a nasty cold which took nearly a week to go and then left me with a nasty virus that gave me a headache for five days in a row.

Consequently the training took a back seat. It is amazing and incredibly frustrating how quickly fitness is lost. I am fed up with my training consisting of these peaks and troughs!

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