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bradgate parkWell, there hasn’t been all that much of it as work really, really gets in the way of life!!

My sister and I are contemplating entering the Manchester to Blackpool bike ride and so I am training towards this. The only thing that makes this ever so slightly difficult is- I don’t actually have a bike! So I am making use of the bike at the gym and altering the resistance to simulate riding uphill.

I think it gives me the same experience as riding a bike… well it makes certain parts of my anatomy sore anyway!

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Follow the Tram!!

Saturday 18th April was absolutely gorgeous… clear blue skies and sunny- it seemed almost criminal not to go on a little adventure.

I had had an idea floating around for an unusual little challenge for some time, and as I have a dodgy knee at the moment I decided that walking would be much better for me than trying to run. So I fired up Google maps and scribbled out a route…

My little adventure was quite simple and possibly quite nuts. You may have heard of people challenging themselves by following the route of the London Tube lines through the capital’s streets… well I found this quite inspiring, but given that it is quite time consuming, not to mention costly, to get to London I decided to see if there was a similar challenge I could do right here in Nottingham instead. Sadly Nottingham lacks an Underground, but it does have one other interesting transport system.


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