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Cornish Challenge- Day Two

Cornish ChallengeEager to leave the Youth Hostel before our little, erm, discretion was discovered, and with the knowledge that we had another long walking day ahead of us, we decided to forgo a shower and were setting off through the wet fields back onto the South West Coast Path by 7:20am. Breakfast was a cereal bar apiece and a few nuts and seeds, but we planned on something more substantial at Sennen.

A rocky, undulating path took us high above the cliffs, past Whitesand Bay and eventually into Sennen by way of a sandy track. Sadly no cafes were open yet, so we had to settle for a cold cheese and onion pasty and a bottle of diet coke, which we ate on a bench overlooking the quay.
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Cornish Challenge- Day One

Cornish ChallengeIt had been raining for several hours and we felt thoroughly chilled and wet, despite our waterproofs. The forecast had mentioned showers, but this had gone beyond that- the showers we had experienced earlier had morphed into a cold, insistent downpour.

It had taken us much longer than we had anticipated to complete our mileage that day, slowed by our heavy packs and tricky terrain. As we trudged wearily down the road in pitch darkness, desperately searching for the Youth Hostel we had been trying to locate for the best part of an hour, the realisation hit us that it was now nearly 11pm and our chances of checking into the Youth Hostel, even if we found it, were now remote.

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