This year has flown so fast!! I must admit my posts have been rather sparse lately… life has a nasty habit of flying by on steroids sometimes! I am hoping to get a little time over Christmas but as I only have the three Bank Holiday days off it’s not that likely…

Plus I am in training- what for? I will reveal all when I post about my plans for New Year but let’s just say it’s rather a lot… enough to make me keep thinking ‘What the **** have I done!?’

I haven’t been doing so much running lately so need to get serious after the festivities. On the plus side though I drove over to Swadlincote swimming baths on Friday night and squeezed in a rather rushed mile of front crawl… if you had told me last year I’d ever be able to do that I’d have said you were crazy!

Happy Christmas everybody- have a wonderful time (and don’t worry too much about training!)