The fight back to fitness continues as I wobbled my way around 4.5 miles last night. Unfortunately I haven’t done an awful lot else apart from a walk with a friend at the weekend.

Draycote WaterWe went to Draycote Water; a reservoir near Rugby in Warwickshire. At 630 acres it is quite a large reservoir and as we approached the wall of the dam near the visitors centre the expanse of water stretched into the distance. We thought we would walk so far and then retrace our steps- it made a nice change having company and I was quite happy with a gentle undemanding stroll given my current lack of fitness,

There is an easy tarmac path round the perimeter of the reservoir with the odd nature trail deviating from it. Although dogs aren’t allowed it is obviously a popular running and cycling route.

It was quite pleasant strolling along the path, chatting and watching the boats on the water and we suddenly realised that it would be quicker to complete the circuit of the lake than to turn back.

There are lovely views over the surrounding countryside from the southern part of the lake, apparently a climb up nearby Hensbrough Hill gives a great 360 degree panorama over the water but we skipped this in favour of a coffee back at the visitors centre. We realised that it is a 5 mile walk round the lake, which pleased my friend as she is not that used to walking. Excuse the photos- I forgot to take my camera with me…

Draycote Water

Draycote Water

My aims for this week is to go to the gym twice as I have only been managing this once weekly (although I didn’t go at all last week- oops!)

Work is so busy at the moment I have been home later in the evenings and it can be a real challenge to motivate myself to turn out, especially when it’s dark, cold and windy… but I need to keep that end goal in mind…

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