Endurance AdventuresMy name is Steph, and I would like to give you a huge welcome to this blog, where you will find a whole load of information and inspiration to help you plan your next- or first- trek, long walk or ultra. I will share my own treks, races and experiences with you, and give you plenty of useful tips so you can benefit from my experiences and avoid my mistakes! I will also give you a heads up on equipment you may need to take with you on your adventures, tell you about any books I have found particularly useful and trips I really wanna do. I want to inspire you and get you all fired up for your next adventure!

So… What Are Endurance Adventures?

My definition of an endurance adventure is anything that involves physical effort for a sustained length of time, usually beyond what many people would be willing to do. However, it is also very much a personal definition… for me, for example, an endurance walk might be anything over 20 miles. For you it might be 10 miles- or 30!

Endurance adventures come in many forms- walking, trekking, hiking, climbing, running, biking and anything else you can think of. They cover a whole range of activities from hiking, road races, ultra races, triathlons and so much more.

Ultra races are anything further than the standard marathon distance of 26.2 miles, but the standard rule of thumb is around 30 miles or more. Ultras are either non-stop races, where the whole distance must be completed over a set number of hours, or stage races, where you run the distance over several days, sleeping overnight.

I love the physical endurance type challenges of running, walking and trekking, and I truly believe that this is the best way of all to see amazing sights and experience things far beyond the reach of regular tourists. I am very much a ‘back of the pack’ person, who likes to take her time, take in the views, take lots of photographs and generally take as much as I can from the experience.

Adventure is defined as ‘an exciting or unusual experience’- which is certainly true of most of the activities listed above. I strongly believe that life is an exciting adventure to be lived to the full…

So if you are a modern day adventurer who loves, or would love to try, an endurance adventure, maybe a bit of a plodder who likes to take their time, enjoy themselves and soak up the experience to the full, then please subscribe to my feed as you should feel right at home here!

To our next adventure!!

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