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Ok- a little about me… I am a bit of an unlikely candidate for being an endurance junkie! For starters, I’m in my 40s and was never what you would call active growing up, being rather fat and uncoordinated with a real aversion to sports… I was always a bit of a wuss; I never did my Duke of Edinburgh award at school, and didn’t take a year out to go back packing like many of my fellow college students.

I think my love of walking, particularly mountain walking, first started when we went to the English Lake District when I was 14. The beauty of the fells just blew me away and I was amazed that a little  climb a short distance from the road brought the most jaw droopingly spectacular views. I was never the same after that holiday and even now the Lake District remains one of my most favourite places.

It might have stopped there… however in 1994 a friend persuaded me to take part in a sponsored walk up Ben Nevis- the highest mountain in England, Scotland and Wales. As I stood, freezing and exhausted at the summit, taking in the rather uninspiring view of cloud, cloud and yet more cloud, I decided then and there that I would continue to seek adventure and could never again be content with a regular holiday. When we returned, I sent off for a whole load of trekking brochures and spent hours just pouring over them and dreaming of where I would go.

I have never been exactly what you may call super fit, but have a tendency to make things as difficult as possible for myself by throwing myself into the ‘ultimate’ challenge…start running? Want to enter a road race to challenge myself? Oooh yes, let’s do the London Marathon! Read about ultra races and decide to give it a try- Oooh look, the Marathon des Sables, the toughest footrace on earth- that will do! Fancy trekking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu? Hey look, there’s a higher, tougher trek available- where do I sign up! Maybe the urge to push myself so hard comes from a sense of making up for my school years where I hated sports with a passion! I just get a real kick in throwing myself, kicking and screaming, right out of my comfort zone…

Here’s the thing though… although I have trekked and raced in some magnificent parts of the world and had some amazing adventures, I have not managed to get to many of those places I used to dream about. Sadly, over the course of my life I have found that two pesky little things tend to get in the way of my aspiring adventuring- namely time and money!

Working in a 9-5 job for most of my life, I let precious years slip by and travelling sadly took a back seat. I am still in the 9-5 (for now) and so the amount of holiday I can take from work is limited, which means that my adventures are confined to one or two week trips rather than travels for months at a time.

I have now made a commitment to myself that I will not let any more time slip away and will use the rest of my life to indulge my passions for both travel, adventure, walking, trekking and ultra racing- I hope you will join me for the ride!

Guest Posts
If you have taken a trek or had an adventure that you would love to share, feel free to contact me to discuss writing a guest post. If I publish your post on my blog, I will happily give your website a mention and include your bio information

Contact me at info(at)endurance-adventures(dot)co(dot)uk

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