slobNot a wildly exciting update really… but there has been some marked improvement on the running!

I ran 8 miles on Thursday and then to my great shock followed this up with another 6 mile plod on Friday- plus I felt pretty good while I was running!

I can’t remember the last time I ran two decent distances back to back… it’s been a long while…

I let myself down rather at the weekend cos it was socially hectic- a friend came over Saturday and I went out Saturday night for a meal and to the theatre Saturday night with two other friends. I got no training done on Saturday so I promised myself I would walk/ run Sunday.

I had got as far as putting on my running kit when another friend rang and said she was free and would be over shortly… so I changed, but fully intended to go out after she had left. And I would have done… if it hadn’t have been absolutely throwing it down and really really windy!

I decided to make up for it today by walking to work with a heavy-ish pack and then walking home by a circuitous route by the River Trent and the Embankment- probably about 8 miles in all. I need to start building in some hill work in readiness for the Three Shires Challenge in March this week. Plus I have entered Beyond Marathon’s 40 mile Wychavon Way Ultra in April- 40 miles across Worcestershire! It’s a long while since I did that kind of distance so it remains to be seen whether I will be ready in time!

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