I had a bit of a breakthrough on Wednesday- I got myself back in the water! You may remember I had rather stupidly entered the Half Outlaw Triathlon this year but had to drop out due to the infected abscess on my back… I hadn’t been swimming since- that’s seven months!

I kept thinking about getting back into the water… hell, I even dreamt of getting back into a swimming pool. I was so scared that I would completely forget how to do front crawl and revert back to my doggie paddle. I have had a few days off from work this week and though it was just high time I did it!

I needn’t have worried. As soon as I eased myself back into the water I automatically swam front crawl. Yes, it was very slow and my breathing was horrible but I did 50 lengths, including some drills using the float and pull buoy so I am pretty happy with that.

The biggest challenge was actually getting in the car and driving there! Sometimes Nike says it best- Just Do It! (I personally think Nike should sponsor and endurance event and give out T-shirts at the end that say ‘Just Done It’)…

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