020After the non- event that was the Millennium Ultra, what’s been happening since?

It’s not all doom and gloom. Helen and I have been doing some training as a preparation for our four day charity walk in May, which involved a couple of back to back walks the weekend before last of around 16 miles each day. We loaded up our packs in a bid to strengthen those muscles as we will be carrying everything we need with us along the South West Coast Path.

On Saturday we completed the short route of the Charnwood Forest Marathon, which involved quite a few climbs- Broombriggs Farm, Beacon Hill, Windmill Hill and the Old John at Bradgate, whilst Sunday we walked from Helen’s house to Calke Abbey, where we walked through a tunnel from the old lime workings. It is amazing how much carrying a heavy pack makes you ache when you are not used to it! I’m sure we will be carrying a lot more gear in May too…

We have also been following a running program which builds up to running for 60 minutes, which we completed last night in pouring rain and stinging hail. I know I ran for longer than this when training for the MU but let it lapse a little, plus I am a very slow plodder so have been pushing the pace a little.

Bradgate Park

Bradgate Park

In fact, we have already downloaded the next program- a ten week one that focuses on making you a faster runner, which will be more of a challenge for me than the long, slow runs.

Calke Abbey

Calke Abbey

Oh yes- I also have the 40 mile Coventry Way Sunday… as long as I am fit for it as I have picked up yet another cold and cough!

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