slobWhatever it is we want to achieve in life, be it a certain level of fitness or attaining our idea weight, there is unfortunately an enemy in our camp, lurking and lying in wait to ensure we fail. Who is this enemy and where are they to be found? The enemy is actually in your own mind and it’s called the ego…

It is the ego’s seductive voice we hear when it whispers into our ear ‘You have had a tough day… you can’t possibly think about going out for that run right now… put your feet up, watch a bit of trashy telly and run tomorrow…’

Or ‘You may as well eat that chocolate bar… you had chips and a couple of biscuits at work remember- the damage is done now so you might as well pig out now and start the diet again from tomorrow’.

Or how about ‘you’re far too busy to go to the gym tonight… look at all the cleaning you need to do and what about that humongous pile of ironing?’

Sounds familiar?

What we need to remember here is that the ego is not deliberately out to sabotage us. It doesn’t actually wish us any harm. The ego can only go by past experiences; it can’t visualise the future. To the ego the future is the scary unknown and so its job is to keep you right here, doing what you have always done- it’s nice and safe here, no stress, no threats and no scary life changing stuff, thank you very much.

All very nice and cosy isn’t it… but the main problem is- you won’t progress or change. You will keep sabotaging your weight loss efforts and you will go round in circles with your training. I’m sure you know what I mean here… you start to see some progress and then don’t train for a few weeks as you’re ‘too busy’ or ‘under the weather’ and before you know it you are back to square one. Or you eat carefully for a few days and feel great, but then you feel the urge to pig out on everything in sight.

But we are not going to let our egos do this to us are we? We are very grateful for it for trying to keep us nice and safe and all, but we want more out of our lives than the ego does so we would be very grateful if it would just get out of our way. Right now.

The trick to beating the ego is planning and vigilance. Plan out your week in advance and what training you will be doing on which day. Plan in meals. Plan in gym sessions. Write these tasks into your diary ready to be crossed off when you have done them. Hold yourself accountable.

Now watch for your ego at all times- is that little voice in your head trying to get you to skip a workout or eat that goodie? Just ignore it- throw yourself out of the door or put that biscuit back into the jar. Come on- this is your life we are talking about! The ego is a sneaky little so and so- it will try all kinds of tricks to keep you from doing the things that will make a difference so you have to be on your guard at all times.

Do this enough and you will form new habits. This is when the ego is on our side- your new found level of fitness or new weight is now your new status quo, so your ego is only too happy to help you to protect it.

Commit to beating your ego- today!

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