I am not usually a big fan of Autumn. For me, Autumn means the end of Summer, the end of those lovely long light evenings, the onset of winter with rain, cold, mud, mud and more mud…

I prefer Spring- when the countryside starts bursting into life, the days get longer and you start being able to go for a walk after tea. However, I must admit that Autumn has a certain appeal, especially those gorgeous colours.

I managed to escape to Bradgate Park in Leicestershire for a short walk. Unfortunately is was a lovely day… I say unfortunately as it was a Sunday and the nice weather meant the world and his wife were there. It took me half an hour to get served with coffee and cake in the cafe in the middle of the park.

Of course, most people stick to the tarmac path running through the park. However if you move even a few feet off the path you soon start leaving the crowds, and there is such a network of tracks that you can avoid even passing anyone.

I didn’t go far (my friend has a fairly elderly dog) but took advantage of the sun to snap a few pictures of foliage and stags still in rut. Sometimes the best pictures are taken less than a mile from the car.

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