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forest of bowlandI was staying with my sister in Blackpool for a few days, in preparation for the Manchester to Blackpool Cycle Ride, and after spending a day in the Lakes I decided that I’d love to see more of the Forest of Bowland, which is virtually on their door step.

We have walked over Nicky Nook Fell many a time, but I had a hankering to explore a bit further afield, and picked out a walk up Grit Fell and Clougha Pike- a fell overshadowing the City of Lancaster.

Now, don’t expect lots of photos of trees because although the Forest of Bowland is an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it isn’t actually a forest, but ‘forest’ in the traditional sense of Royal Hunting Land. It is a wild Pennine landscape of heather, sweeping moorland and rocky outcrops not unlike the Dark Peak. But forest it ain’t.

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The Grindleford Gallop Revisited

grindleford gallopA few weeks ago my friend and I embarked on our second training walk for the Alzheimer’s Society Hadrian’s Wall Trek in August. As I have acquired quite a collection of challenge walk route descriptions, we decided on the 21 mile Grindleford Gallop and so we found ourselves emerging from the car into drizzle on Grindleford’s main street.

Luckily it soon cleared up, and once we had made our way through woods to Froggatt the sun was making a welcome appearance. Rain threatened several times during the day but we seemed to manage to skirt around it.

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lake districtI had driven up to Blackpool for the Manchester to Blackpool Cycle Ride, but as I found myself with a couple of free days with my sister and brother-in-law both working, I took advantage of their fairly close proximity to the Lake District and took myself off for a day’s fell walking.

As I pointed my car towards Coniston, it looked like it was going to be a lovely day, and it felt so good to be in the Lakes again- it’s been far too long! Going back was like meeting up with an old friend you haven’t seen for years, but that old familiarity is still there and once you start talking it’s as though you were only in each other’s company yesterday…
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Manchester to Blackpool Cycle RideI was so nervous about the Manchester to Blackpool Cycle Ride… not being a regular cyclist and a fairly nervous one at that, this was something completely out of my comfort zone and I wasn’t too sure I’d be up to cycling 60 miles in one day. The event is organised to raise funds for The Christie, an NHS cancer treatment trust plus charities of peoples‘ choice. We decided that the rest of our sponsorship will go to St Bernadette’s, the school where my sister works.

My brother-in-law kindly drove us and the bikes to Manchester, through a haze of drizzle and I watched the spray from the vehicles on the wet roads in some alarm. By the time we met up with the others in our team- St Bernadette’s Hot Wheels- near the start at the Old Trafford football ground, the rain had stopped but the skies were still an ominous grey and there were huge puddles on the slick roads.

Trying to find the loos turned out to be a challenge, as we followed a couple of girls on a complete circuit round the football grounds before finding the ladies right where we had started- oh well it was a good warm-up for the legs…

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On Yer Bike!!

Cycles ruleYes- I have done it again… signed up for another mad challenge which I am now panicking about!

This one? It’s the Manchester to Blackpool cycle ride… just 60 miles… and I am not a regular bike rider- until a few weeks ago I didn’t have a bike!!

It just seemed a good idea when my sister said that she was thinking of getting a team together to do it in aid of the school where she works- St Bernadettes in Blackpool. The trouble is- she and my brother-in-law are ultra keen and ultra fit cyclists who think nothing of going out and bashing out 40- 60 miles on the hilly roads of the Forest of Bowland every weekend. It will be just like a little training ride for her!

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A Long-ish Walk in Southern Sherwood Forest

Sherwood ForestIt promised to be a lovely day and I needed a nice long-ish walk to help me prepare for the Baslow Boot Bash the following weekend (it’s quite funny when it gets to the stage where you think of a 19 mile walk as long-ish!)

Funds dictated that travelling too far was not a great idea, so southern Sherwood Forest fit the bill quite nicely and I turned to my trusty copy of ‘Long Circular Walks in Nottinghamshire’ by John Merrill.

I chose a walk I’ve done a few times before- a 17 mile circular route starting from near Blidworth and passing through pockets of forest- it’s a pleasant and quite easy route.

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Baslow Boot Bash- Event Report

Baslow Boot BashI had only done the Baslow Boot Bash once before as I have managed to be on holiday ever since. The Boot Bash is an event where there is no route description; just a list of check points which must be visited in order and so a map is needed.

I was in two minds whether to turn up as I got up at 6am, as, after a warm and sunny week, Saturday saw Britain lashed by torrential rain! It had started raining the night before and poured all night, meaning that it was going to be lovely and slippery underfoot.

But as this was potentially my first challenge event this year (shocking!) I thought I had better make the effort, and so drove through sheets of rain to the sodden field in the Chatsworth estate that was being used as a car park and waded my way to register at Baslow village hall.

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A walk around the Roaches

roachesI haven’t done as many challenge walks as I should have this year, so when a friend suggested we take on the 23 mile Hadrian’s Wall Trek in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society I jumped at the chance, particularly as we both see first hand the devastating impact this cruel disease has on sufferers and their families through work.

My friend hadn’t done any longer walks for a long while and as it happens neither have I, so we have been planning some training walks. This is actually great for me as I usually have to do these mad and crazy things by myself!

Our first walk was to be a 13 mile route out of John Merrill’s Long Circular Walks in the Peak District, which takes in the long rocky spine of the Roaches. It was dull but dry as we parked up at Tittesworth Reservoir and walked across fields to Upper Hulme before taking a lovely little path past an old mill.

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bradgate parkWell, there hasn’t been all that much of it as work really, really gets in the way of life!!

My sister and I are contemplating entering the Manchester to Blackpool bike ride and so I am training towards this. The only thing that makes this ever so slightly difficult is- I don’t actually have a bike! So I am making use of the bike at the gym and altering the resistance to simulate riding uphill.

I think it gives me the same experience as riding a bike… well it makes certain parts of my anatomy sore anyway!

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Follow the Tram!!

Saturday 18th April was absolutely gorgeous… clear blue skies and sunny- it seemed almost criminal not to go on a little adventure.

I had had an idea floating around for an unusual little challenge for some time, and as I have a dodgy knee at the moment I decided that walking would be much better for me than trying to run. So I fired up Google maps and scribbled out a route…

My little adventure was quite simple and possibly quite nuts. You may have heard of people challenging themselves by following the route of the London Tube lines through the capital’s streets… well I found this quite inspiring, but given that it is quite time consuming, not to mention costly, to get to London I decided to see if there was a similar challenge I could do right here in Nottingham instead. Sadly Nottingham lacks an Underground, but it does have one other interesting transport system.


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