DNSWhat’s the only thing worse than a DNF? Yep- that’s right… the good old DNS. At least if you DNF you have battled, you have struggled, you have pitted your body against some of the toughest, muddiest and wettest terrain out there, and, although it beat you this time it still leaves you head and shoulders above those who chose to stay in their warm, comfortable beds…

But, alas, I DNS the Millennium Way Ultra… I succumbed to a particularly nasty cold a couple of days before and was barely capable of running a bath let alone 41 miles.

Given that the training had been going quite well (including a final long run along the canal to Harby and back) this was really frustrating. It felt like I had wimped out even though I knew it would have been silly to even attempt it. But it didn’t feel good. All day I tortured myself by wondering whereabouts I’d be right now if I was doing the race. There was no smug feeling of achievement when I went to bed. And when I woke up the next morning there was no satisfyingly tired ache of well-used muscles.

I know that pulling out of a race can’t always be helped (and when I contacted the organiser to announce my withdrawal he said that so many had cancelled due to colds and flu they had been able to empty the waiting list) but it isn’t something I want to repeat if I can help it.

Luckily I do have other events in the pipeline (The 40 mile Coventry Way Challenge in April and a charity trek I am doing with Helen in May) so the training has not been entirely wasted…

… see you in 2017, Millennium Way Ultra…

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