I have been feeling rather panicked about the Coast to Coast as there is so little time left! As I start walking on the last day of June, I have just six weeks from this coming Friday… that’s five good training weekends and one taper. I can’t believe that it’s come around so quickly, and feel frustrated at the training opportunities I missed through that infected cyst.

I have just over six weeks to prepare my body for 12 days of continuous walking, carrying my gear, over some tough terrain with three 21 mile days in a row… in hindsight I maybe should have booked myself a rest day but that would have further stretched my already limited budget.

However I have felt more positive this week as I’ve had a good week of training. Following on from last Sunday’s 18 mile walk I walked to work Monday with my pack, then walked home at the end of the day the long way round, climbing up to Sharphill Woods and clocking up 9 miles.

Tuesday’s training was a 5 mile walk/ jog; I have entered a 10k race with Helen the evening before we go to Wales- only a low-key non competitive race for a local charity but I would still like to be able to run at least some of it!

I took Wednesday off to have my hair cut, then Thursday evening I walked round the lake at Holme Pierrpont, running up all of the hills I could find (there are several fairly steep climbs if you know where to look!) I had intended to pop into the gym and use the weights and the treadmill but my right Achilles tendon had been twinging a little so decided on the summit trainer instead.

Friday evening was another 5 mile walk/ jog with a 3 mile walk tagged onto the end of it, and on Saturday I completed another 18 miler- one I have done a few times before but not for a few years. Parking in Burton Joyce, the route follows the River Trent past Gunthorpe to Hazleford Ferry before turning inland through Bleasby, climbing to woodland and descending steeply to Epperstone and then ascending once more from Lambley back to Burton Joyce.

Gently rolling landscape

It is a charming route, displaying a landscape of gently rolling fields of green crops and bright yellow oilseed rape, and I had the pleasure of seeing a family of Egyptian Geese on the river. I remembered that I had bought a coffee from a little shop in Bleasby previously and promised myself an ice cream there, but to my disappointment it had gone. Just as well I had my flask with me. My legs were aching quite a bit when I finished, probably due to last night’s run, so I had a soak in the bath to ease muscles.

I met a friend at Bradgate Park Saturday; we had a short 3 mile walk with her dog before settling down for some lunch in Newtown Linford. When she left I went back into the park, retracing the route I used to do when training for MdS, again finding all of the steep climbs I could and clocking up 10 miles in total. That’s 60 miles for last week in total, not too shabby…

I am hoping for another good week this week- I need hills, I need back to back stuff and I will need to build up the weight of my pack, but I will need to watch the wound on my back at the same time!

Bradgate Park

I have a walk planned up Kinder Scout on Sunday with Helen and we are going to Wales the weekend after, which should involve mountain walking three days in a row.

Bring it!

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