I cannot believe we are more than halfway through February already… is anyone else convinced that the years are actually getting shorter?

Of course, every day that passes brings me closer to the challenges I have booked- starting with the Millennium Ultra on 4th March- less than two weeks!

Now I first attempted this event a couple of years ago. All of the other entrants appeared to be serious ultra runner types who left me for dust in a matter of seconds. I trotted along at the back, eventually catching up with a couple in Stafford just after the first checkpoint. We walked/ ran for a little while but the chap had hurt his knee when he twisted it in the mud and was finding it increasingly painful so they decided to retire at checkpoint two.

I kind of lost my mojo after this and ended up calling it a day at the third checkpoint at 30 miles, but would have been timed out anyway… if I am perfectly honest I didn’t do the training I should have and was too heavy. I have entered it each year since, but have come down with a nasty cough or cold just before so pulled out. Although if I am being totally honest the thought of making a fool of myself more than encouraged the DNS.

But not this year. This year I am doing it! Am I much fitter and lighter? Erm- no! Well, maybe a little lighter but not much. Yes I have been out for long run/ walks and runs in the evening… but I could have done so much more and I probably haven’t done enough. But I am doing it…

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