2015Ooops- just where did the last few months go? 2014 seems to have zipped past like an express train on a greased track!

I can’t excuse my lengthy absence… I could say it’s a combination of lack of time, of not much training and far too much chocolate over the festive period, but truthfully every time I have thought about updating the blog something else always seems to have come up!

And now we are faced with a brand shiny new year to look forward too…

So how was 2014 for everybody? Mine was rather a disappointment really. Not enough running or training by far. I did complete some old favourites- the Charnwood Marathon, Leaden Boot, White Peak Walk and Spires and Steeples, but my times were nothing to write home about. I attempted the Millennium Ultra but had to retire at 27 miles.

I did do a couple of independent walks- Grantham Canal, the Ambion Way a 15 mile walk in the Peak District and I finally completed the Norfolk Coast Path– but apart from this nothing much in the way of endurance has happened. Why? I don’t really know. I know I had the mystery foot swelling in July, but I seem to have given in far too much to that little voice inside my head which whispers so seductively that it would be far more pleasant to stay inside instead of pounding the pavements… you know, that voice which tells you that you have had such a busy day you deserve to relax rather than go to the gym, or you feel a bit dodgy so maybe you’d better not risk going for a run…

But I know that if I just ignore this little saboteur and get out there for a run or force myself into the gym, I feel so much better afterwards. I never regret working out or going running.

So this will be my focus for 2015- beating that little b*st*rd! Getting out there and doing it anyway! (Well, once I shake off this darn cold!)

I have entered the Millennium Challenge again on 1st March and although training could be better I am determined to finish this event this year. I have also entered another Beyond Marathon event- the Wychavon Way, a 40 mile long distance trail across Worcestershire with a 12 hour time limit (there’s something quite satisfying about crossing an entire county in a day).

So- enough about me. What about you? I’d love to hear your plans for 2015!

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