So, how’s everyone’s first week (and a bit) of the New Year shaping up? Made great progress towards those goals already? Or finding it difficult to get going?

My week’s been rather a mixed bag- I have been back out running, and managed to run up a hill that I have not tackled for nearly a year! For the past months I have been walking up it so am quite chuffed with that.

As things do, my plans for 2018 have already changed slightly- I appear to have double booked myself for the Millennium Ultra. Helen and I are going away to the Dark Peak in March and of course it is the same weekend!

After much thinking I have decided to give the Millennium Ultra a miss this year. It has dominated my New Year for the past few years, and, as usual, I have not been training consistently for it due to health niggles and one thing or another. I may still do the Way Back in April as this is a new event and gives me more time to get fit, but I think I will concentrate on the double for next year, providing this year goes to plan.

I have also added another challenge I forgot to mention in my last post. Someone recently shared something on Facebook that got me thinking… it was along the lines of friendship too often being two people posting ‘we must meet up this year’- repeat until one of you dies.

A silly little meme, but quite poignant- and it got me thinking how many friends I haven’t seen for ages that I promise to visit each year but it never happens.

So the challenge is to visit or meet up with eight friends in 2018… it will be interesting as they live all over the country- and beyond, as one friend is in Wales!

Sue has also persuaded me to a rematch of the Wilmot Wander– I had attempted to put this muddy horror out of my mind but part of me would like to beat the b*stard (or at least not get us as horrendously lost as I did last year…) although it is in just over two weeks’ time and I am not convinced I am as fit as last year but hey ho…

Oh yes and I have booked flights to Spain in April so there will be some walking involved- just not sure where at the moment as working out the logistics.

Hope everyone else’s New Year is shaping up so far and you are already seeing some progress towards your 2018 goals. If not, it’s not too late to start the year with a bang!

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