Bradgate ParkIt was going so well… I had been much more motivated and had even managed two fairly long runs on two consecutive days. I was feeling quite chuffed with myself…

… and then- wham! Runny nose, sore throat, aching limbs, wheezing when doing nothing more strenuous when climbing stairs (oh wait, that’s not the cold, that’s just me!) and feeling generally sh*te.

I succumbed to a nasty cold which took nearly a week to go and then left me with a nasty virus that gave me a headache for five days in a row.

Consequently the training took a back seat. It is amazing and incredibly frustrating how quickly fitness is lost. I am fed up with my training consisting of these peaks and troughs!

On an upward note, I walked round Bradgate Park with a friend on Saturday. It was a lovely day and felt as though Spring was finally on its way. I made her climb up to the Old John which should have done the legs some good.

Bradgate Park- The Old John

Sunday I went out for a walk/ shuffle through fields to Clipston Woods and to my dismay found it to be incredibly muddy- and wet! Total mileage this week- around 18 miles.

Onwards and upwards…

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