I think I am just about recovered from my failed attempt at the Millennium Ultra. I think I picked up some kind of a virus last week as I felt headachey, achey and really really tired, unless it was just the after effects of the event and my general unfitness and rubbishness.

Ah well. Onwards and upwards as they say… Been getting back on the horse this week with a little running, a walk in the lovely evening sunshine tonight and a gym session planned for tomorrow.

My next objective is the Three Shires Challenge on 5th April for the third year running (or should that be plodding) and it would be so-o-o-o nice if I could do the full 29 miles this time! Last year’s conditions were truly atrocious, thanks to the late snow, compacted ice, water and mud. Now if the rest of March just stays dry and comparatively warm then everywhere should dry up nicely and I may be in with a chance…

Just realised that it is the Charnwood Forest Marathon next weekend- a nice hilly warm up for the Three Shires- best get my entry in then I suppose!

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