When thinking of adventure, particularly endurance type adventures, most people imagine weeks spent trekking an epically long trail in some distant land, probably along some unpronounceable mountain chain. Yes, this would certainly qualify as an adventure, but many of us just don’t have the time for these epic expeditions, much as we would love to do them. We have families, full-time jobs, cats…

This realisation can cause much frustration and you would be forgiven for assuming that you can’t live that adventurous life of your dreams, because you simply have too many commitments to just disappear.

But frustrate no more. There is a way of quenching that thirst for adventure without being away from home for weeks at a time or spending vast amounts of money…

Introducing microadventures!

I cannot claim credit for this term- Alastair Humphries is the pioneer of the microadventure- the concept of having a mini- adventure that gets you out of your comfort zone and out there doing something. Alastair is particularly keen on bivvying out on a hill under the stars but your microadventure could be anything you want it to be…

Pick a little challenge and go for it. Here are a few I’ve done that took a day and cost me virtually nothing;

  • I walked the length of each of the three tram routes in my local city, keeping as close to the tram lines as possible and standing on each station. When I reached the end of the line, I rode the tram back. Is there a similar public transport route you could use for a similar challenge? (If you’re in London, try walking one of the underground routes over ground)

  • I walked home from work… well I only live about 1.5 miles away so to make things more adventurous I walked home to my friend’s house- about 24 miles away. We left my car at her house, put in a full day’s work, walked out of the building and walked home, along the River Trent and the Trent and Mersey Canal, arriving at 3am the next morning. Could you walk to, or from, work? Or to a relative’s house? Or walk home for Christmas?

  • Climbing the three highest points in Nottinghamshire- these are not very hilly but there has been some debate over which was actually the highest so I climbed them all. Luckily they are close to each other so could easily be combined in one day’s walk. Is this something you could try? This could be more or less adventurous depending on where you live… Norfolk may be easier than Cumbria for instance! (you could always try this in a different county)

  • I regularly complete challenge walks of 26 miles or more in a day. These make ideal microadventures in their own right- look at the LDWA website for organised challenge walks, or go independently using a guidebook from an author such as John Merrill- prolific challenge walk creator

  • Recently I walked a part of the Midshires Way- this is a 230 mile long-distance trail from Buckinghamshire to Stockport. My friend and I have decided that we will complete it a day at a time. Is there a long-distance path (or several) running through your area that can be broken down into a series of day walks? Use the LDWA path finder tool


  • One sunny April day I embarked on a walk linking as many of the green areas and parks of Nottingham as I could fit in. I found some lovely areas I never even knew existed and had a great walk. It would have been even better if I hadn’t left my purse at home and been able to buy lunch or have a coffee! Could you link up the green areas of your home town in a walk, run or cycle? Or maybe some local attractions? Nottingham has some pretty quirky pubs and I am planning a walk linking up some of them one day…

The New Year is almost upon us (again- does anyone else think the years are actually getting shorter?) so use the grey time between Christmas and New Year to start brainstorming some microaventures for next year. If you do one a month, or even one every two months, your 2018 could be your most adventurous year yet.

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