Following on from this post, I have been doing some thinking about what next year’s adventures should be…

I stumbled across this post on Tough Girls, (cool name!) which gave me some useful pointers. It talks about aligning your own values and the commitments you have with the types of adventures you want to do.

For me, I am single with no children, so basically I don’t have anyone to consider when making plans. However, I am mum to two cats, one an elderly lady (Lucky is now 20 and a half!!) As cats’ health can deteriorate very quickly I am reluctant to go away for more than two weeks at the moment as I would not forgive myself if anything happened while I was away. This rules the Pennine Way and other big trips out for next year.

The post also mentions going on adventures that suit your budget (that’s a cup of coffee in the next town then!!) This year has been particularly tough financially with a lot of car repairs, cat repairs and property repairs to pay for. The credit card has taken a bit of a battering as a result so I would like to get this paid off next year and get some savings behind me.

This rules out anything expensive- I have a tent that shockingly I have never used so 2018 may be the ideal year to dust it off and get over this mental block I have over camping alone- if I am willing to camp I can potentially save loads of money on travelling.

I also need to make use of people already available. My Dad lives in Spain so I could combine a short walking trip with a visit. I could also take my sister on her offer to stay and complete day walks from her house as not only is she lucky enough have the Forest of Bowland on her doorstep, she also lives an hour or so’s drive from the Lakes and the Dales.

I intend to overcome my fear of cycling so I can attempt another triathlon. Probably a shorter distance triathlon for 2018 with a view to an attempt on the half outlaw in 2019…

So here’s how the goals for 2018 are shaping up so far…

There will, of course, be other challenges, walks and adventures. Oh yes, if I could end 2018 thinner, fitter and richer then that would be a bonus…

I would love to hear everyone else’s plans for 2018!

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