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I am fed up with having silly little niggly injuries. You know, the kind that kick in just as you think you are progressing with your training… and then send you straight back to square zero.

Mine has been a niggly knee thing so I have slowed up on the running in favour of walking. And sadly I haven’t been doing too much of that…

I went up to stay with my sister in Blackpool a couple of weekends ago; she and my brother-in-law love to be active so it’s all good. However they are really, REALLY into cycling in a big way… and I’m not. Well, mainly as I don’t own a bike…

I did agree to go out on a bike ride with my sister, despite being on a bike once in the last few years, and borrowed a bike and helmet from her. We set out on a route she takes with her cycling group every week into the Forest of Bowland in Lancashire. We varied this a little to ride through Garstang, so I could try my legs up some lovely hills… the cycling groups always have a lunch break stop at the Apple Store café in the beautiful Wyresdale Park and we had arranged to meet my brother-in-law and his Mum there.

The Apple Store is lovely but has one major disadvantage- it is very steeply uphill! I ended up getting off and walking, and was just thinking to myself that my ultra fit brother-in-law Steve didn’t need to know when my sister cycled back down to me and said ‘Steve’s waiting at the top!’ I did feel slightly better when he told me she had mistakenly taken me up the steepest hill and, in his words, ‘set me up to fail‘.

After a lovely bowl of soup at the Apple Store we had a fairly gentle 14 miles home, making a not too shabby 35 miles in all, although certain parts of my anatomy were absolute agony by this point! I haven’t sat down properly since.

My sister and I went for a walk on Sunday- far more up my street. Parking near Harris End Fell, we passed two reservoirs before crossing farmland and woods, making our way to the top of local landmark Nicky Nook Fell. We usually do this walk; it is lovely and you can see right across Morecambe Bay to the Lake District on a clear day. It has the advantage of being part of the Wyresdale Estate, which means another lunch stop at the Apple Store before going back up and over Nicky Nook. A lovely sunny 8 miles with a couple of good climbs thrown in, plus it made a welcome change having someone to walk with.

Grizedale Lea Reservoir

Grizedale Lea Reservoir

Climbing Nicky Nook Fell

Climbing Nicky Nook Fell

The view from the top

The view from the top

I have also been back to the gym- and have done another walk today which I will write about soon, so things are improving slowly… it’s just so frustrating!!

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