Peddars WayI was quite excited about packing for this adventure as it was my first taste of independent long distance walking! So- what did I take for a plod along the Peddars Way and Norfolk Coast Path…

I decided to use my trusty old battered Raidlight pack- mainly because it’s the only one I own! I was going to use a bum bag but like all my kit mine is fairly old and has a tendency to loosen every few minutes, needing constant tugs on the belt to tighten it, which gets very annoying very fast.

I am a bit of a camera buff and like to take my bulky DSLR. I reasoned that at least I could shove some stuff in the large camera bag.

As the walking is fairly easy I made the decision to wear my running shoes with Nike socks rather than walking boots. This would have worked a treat if it had been dry. Unfortunately the summer of 2012 in the UK was one of the wettest we have ever known and so for the first three days my feet were constantly exposed to rain, puddles and wet grass.

This combined with the fact that I had bought new socks for the walk which were thicker than I usually wear meant that by the end of the first day my feet were rubbed to bu**ery and I had some interesting blisters… I also managed to sprain my ankle at Castle Acre but that’s another story…

I took two pairs of walking trousers, three technical t-shirts, one t-shirt to wear in the evenings, a fleece, waterproofs (unfortunately essential), one sun hat (not needed!), two sports bras, underwear and two pairs of socks.

Oh and a pair of pyjamas.

Other Equipment

This consisted of;
Camera plus spare charged battery and memory card
Mobile phone plus charger
Notepad and pen
Contact lens stuff and glasses
Travel toothbrush and tiny tube of toothpaste
Shower/wash gel and body sponge
Shampoo and conditioner decanted into small containers
Guide book
Sunglasses and sun cream- complete waste of space!!
Wallet, money and bank card
Accommodation details and contact numbers
Blister kit- moleskin, zinc oxide tape, compeed patches and small swiss army knife with scissors attachment
I decided not to take too much as there are plenty of places to eat along route. I packed some snacks to eat whilst walking- energy bars, peanut m&ms and snickers.

Two water bottles- this was enough although if it had been hot on the stretch between Castle Acre and Ringstead I may have suffered as there was nowhere to refill.

Looking at that little lot I am surprised I managed to stuff it all in!

As I was staying at Mum’s caravan on the fourth night I left a change of clothes and more snacks there, planning on dumping most of my stuff and walking light for the last day (although fate had other plans as we shall see…)

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