endurance adventuresI have to confess I kind of lost my way after completing the Marathon des Sables. I don’t know why. Maybe it was because the event was so grand, so epic and such an adventure that when I got home the harsh reality set in; I was absolutely skint and living in a friend’s spare room, an arrangement that was not really working for either of us. Maybe it was because I had had such an awesome time with such a great group of people, and we had got to know each other over the past two years, meeting up for events, training towards a common goal, shared the experience and now we were all going our separate ways.

I became quite depressed following the MdS. I think that this is normal after such a challenge. Pre-MdS training took up most of my free time and all of my focus, but post MdS suddenly there was nothing to focus on or to train for, no reason to lace up the running shoes and head out there. I wanted something to replace it but could barely even afford to enter a 10k road race.

So I drifted, and apart from a few events and treks, I have been drifting ever since. Although I never actually stopped training, I have lost fitness and gained weight and it takes me all my time to puff my way round a 26 mile challenge walk. Hardly endurance adventures! My training has been sporadic at best.

This won’t do. I don’t want to just enjoy the odd challenge walk and beat the sweepers if I’m lucky, I want other epic adventures and experiences. I want to be able to take part in and complete epic ultra races and tough treks. I want my fitness back!

So in an effort to get my endurance mojo back, I have entered a suitably tough event… in fact I think it might even be a little too tough! But I have thrown down the gauntlet, bit the bullet and signed up (the fact that I can make monthly payments has really helped too!)

I will reveal all soon, but in the meantime it seems to be having the desired effect. I have had two longish (for me at this stage) runs this week- 7 ½ and 6 miles- a walk with a pack yesterday and bashed out quite a good gym workout today.

It was quite entertaining actually as I started off on the elliptical trainer, and there was a guy running on the treadmill next to me who I thought was having a particularly bad workout. Every so often he would suddenly groan or let out other sounds of exasperation. He shouted ’Oh no!’ several times and then ’Waste of bloody time!’

I was getting quite worried until I realised he was watching the Leicester City and Aston Villa match on the treadmill telly using his earphones!

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