j0443420… and this is exactly what I have been doing… plodding my way back to some semblence of fitness!

I have managed to wobble my way round my three mile circuit a couple of times which, whilst quite pathetic, it a lot more than I have been doing this summer thanks to my mystery foot injury!

As well as completing the Norfolk Coast Path I have also been going fairly consistently to the gym- it’s amazing how the mind convinces the body that work’s been so stressful today, I can’t possibly think about exercising tonight, what I really, really need is to sit down in front of the telly with a mug of coffee and a mahoosive bar of chocolate…

This is especially the case when the nights start drawing in. Instead of lovely sunny evening walks and runs by lakeside, canal or through fields, we are faced with pounding along dark, wet pavements through rain and drizzle. The only mitigating factor for the dark nights is that I can run without being seen- pound the pavements in broad daylight and I feel I should be wearing a sign above my head saying ‘Hey! Look at this fat girl trying to run!!’

I have discovered that running on pavements brings its own little phenomenons;

  • No matter what time I go out to run, everyone will decide that it is the perfect time to walk their dogs so I get stared at whilst I try to negotiate kamikaze canines who decide it’s a great idea to dash across my path and send me sprawling with their leads
  • There will always be someone running faster than me on exactly the same route (let’s face it, this isn’t going to be too difficult) so I have the embarrassment of being constantly overtaken whilst passing motorists wonder why I am running so slowly
  • At some point I will need to cross roads, and no matter how little traffic there is or how quiet the road is that I am going to cross, there will always, always be a car wanting to turn into or out of the road just as I approach, leaving me the options of a suicidal dash across the road or doing that jogging on the spot thing so I don’t break my stride
  • Ditto traffic lights- they will always change in favour of the traffic just as you approach them, cue more suicidal dashes or jogging impatiently on the spot
  • I will always need a wee and in the absence of suitably private spots it usually ends up being a very uncomfortable run with a sprint finish for home and the loo

Well hello, Autumn…

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