swimming2I’ve been absent lately, partly due to the fact that August is always pretty hectic as my Dad and Step-mum come to stay for the month from Spain. So I don’t always eat as healthy as I should or keep up the training… but I have still been active as I’ve started having swimming lessons! I did learn to swim as a child and am fairly confident in water, but over the years I forgot how to do the strokes properly and have been muddling through with my own improvised doggy paddle… it gets me through the water but it is neither pretty nor particularly effective…

… and I have, in my usual style, entered myself into something way over my head – namely the Half Outlaw Triathlon next May, just down the road from me at Holme Pierrepont Watersports Centre…

Yup it’s a half Iron Man distance- that’s a 1.2 mile open water swim, a 56 mile bike ride and a half marathon run- all in under 9 hours…


Oh as well as the fact that I can’t actually swim properly, did I mention that I am not confident about using the roads on my bike and am a really slow runner?

Unfortunately this is how I roll; I start jogging- let’s enter the London Marathon! I get into walking more than 26 miles in a day and start to entertain the idea of doing an ultra- ooh look, there’s the Marathon des Sables… the Toughest Marathon on Earth… let’s enter that!

Could be worse I suppose- Helen did manage to talk me out of entering the full Iron distance Outlaw (that’s for 2018!)

The swimming lessons have been going quite well and I have been back to the pool each week to practice- I managed 40 slow, ungainly lengths of front crawl on Tuesday. I told my instructor I want to do a triathlon and she said “that’s 16 lengths, that’s achievable!” I didn’t quite have the heart to tell her I had a slightly different distance in mind!

I have entered a couple of events for this month- an Aquathon in Grantham, which consists of 8 lengths in the pool and a 5k run, was only a fiver to enter and is aimed at beginners, and- gulp- my first ever triathlon in East Leake!

It’s a Sprint triathlon- 400m swim, 20k bike ride and 5k run- so I reckon it’s achievable. It also bills itself as being an ideal venue for first timers. Triathlon season seems to run from March to September so if I didn’t sign up for this one I wouldn’t get another chance until next year.

I need to find out what actually goes on and how the transitions work etc…

Guess I’d better get out on the bloody bike!!

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