Imagine catching your first sight of the legendary citadel of Machu Picchu after several days negotiating cloud forest and sweating your way up ancient stone steps. Or sitting down to rest trail weary limbs with a cup of bitter tea in a Nepalese Tea House, whilst gazing out at the most awe inspiring view.

Whether you are have just started hiking or you’re a seasoned backpacker, chances are you’re already thinking about your next hike. But where will it be?

This is a bucket list is for the keen hiker seeking to challenge themselves and experience some of the most beautiful places this planet has to offer.

This little Kindle guide contains a whole variety of hikes, from one day outings to more challenging expeditions. There are the iconic treks- the ones that all walkers will recognise- and treks that are amazing or unique for one reason or another, whether it’s jaw dropping scenery, iconic sights or an unusual location.

The Hiker’s Bucket List contains details for each hike, the best time of year to go, what to expect and how tough it is, plus links to further information and organised walking tours if you don‘t fancy going it alone. There is a small resource section in the back of this guide to help you find more races to do- if you have endless time and bottomless funds at your disposal!

Lace up those walking boots and let’s go for it!

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