Cornish Challenge- Day Four

Cornish ChallengeAs we went for breakfast we were in high spirits as the end was now in sight! I think the German couple sitting near us were mystified as to why we were in hysterics; Helen had asked for more toast and our host had brought us out a whole fresh rack, which there was no way we would be able to eat, so Helen hit on the solution of hiding a slice in a serviette to be taken back to the room and hidden discreetly in the bin! It’s a British thing, obviously…

We still had a long walk today so caught the bus back to the coast and resumed the Coast Path. Today was another day of climbing and descending into rocky coves and dramatic headlands, although not as difficult as the first two days. Or maybe it felt easier as the weather was so warm and sunny.

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Cornish Challenge- Day Three

Cornish ChallengeAfter our tough trek yesterday we slept quite soundly, and enjoyed the luxury of our first proper meal in two days as we ate breakfast in the restaurant (slightly perturbed to read on the blackboard that evening meals were served until 9:30pm so we may not have been too late last night after all…)

We decided to treat ourselves to a taxi back onto the South West Coast Path, and we soon walking along the easy cycle path towards Marazion, with clear views to St Michael’s Mount. It was clear and sunny, and stayed like this all day.

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Cornish Challenge- Day Two

Cornish ChallengeEager to leave the Youth Hostel before our little, erm, discretion was discovered, and with the knowledge that we had another long walking day ahead of us, we decided to forgo a shower and were setting off through the wet fields back onto the South West Coast Path by 7:20am. Breakfast was a cereal bar apiece and a few nuts and seeds, but we planned on something more substantial at Sennen.

A rocky, undulating path took us high above the cliffs, past Whitesand Bay and eventually into Sennen by way of a sandy track. Sadly no cafes were open yet, so we had to settle for a cold cheese and onion pasty and a bottle of diet coke, which we ate on a bench overlooking the quay.
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It’s here- the Cornish Challenge!!

CornwallToday’s the day! I am packed, I have triple checked my stuff, I have packed sweets in little bags for each day’s walking (vitally important!) and will be shortly setting off for Cornwall, dropping the cats off at their holiday accommodation (AKA the cattery) en route…

Our itinerary is as follows…

Friday– Day One- we will be walking from Carbis Bay through St Ives and along the South West Coast Path, passing Zennor, Sennen Cove and Cape Cornwall to our overnight stop at the Youth Hostel at St Just. We will be walking around 21 miles and apparently this part of the Coast Path is some of the most challenging due to the amount of climbing and descending! It is gonna be quite tough for a first day- but then we don’t like to do things by halves…

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Peddars Way and Norfolk Coast PathThe Peddars Way and Norfolk Coast Path National Trail form a 93 mile trail across Norfolk and around the Norfolk coast. The Peddars Way runs for 47 miles from Knettishall Health in Suffolk to Holme-Next-The-Sea on the Norfolk Coast, carving like a knife through the remote agricultural lands of north east Norfolk as it marches inexorably towards the sea.

The Way was one of the earliest known Roman roads to be built in Norfolk. It formed part of an extensive network of routes created following the failed revolt of the Celtic leader Boudicca, allowing the Roman army fast access to the coast as well as all areas of Britain in case of further Celtic uprisings.

Over the centuries the Peddars Way has changed from a symbol of Roman might and oppression to an important trade route for pilgrims and drovers. In fact the name ‘Peddars Way’ did not come into common use until medieval times. Most of the route of the Peddars Way can still be traced today, and in some places the raised ‘agger’ of the original Roman Road can still be seen.

As the Peddars Way joins up with the Norfolk Coast Path at Holme-Next-The-Sea, the two trails have been linked and are usually walked together.

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