My Plans for 2018

Following on from this post, I have been doing some thinking about what next year’s adventures should be…

I stumbled across this post on Tough Girls, (cool name!) which gave me some useful pointers. It talks about aligning your own values and the commitments you have with the types of adventures you want to do.

For me, I am single with no children, so basically I don’t have anyone to consider when making plans. However, I am mum to two cats, one an elderly lady (Lucky is now 20 and a half!!) As cats’ health can deteriorate very quickly I am reluctant to go away for more than two weeks at the moment as I would not forgive myself if anything happened while I was away. This rules the Pennine Way and other big trips out for next year.

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Living it up in Spain…

Algar FallsI’ve been a bit neglectful about writing lately but have a good excuse… I have been sitting sunning myself in Spain for ten days!

Okay that’s actually a not very good excuse at all and isn’t this blog supposed to be about tough endurance type things anyway- not sunbathing, gentle walks along the beach front and dipping into a lovely cool pool?

Well yes but it’s also good to take a little time out once in a while (although along with the cruise I have been taking more time out than most!) My Dad lives in the Costa Blanca region, in the lovely Spanish town of Catral, so the plan was to spend some quality time with him and my step mum.

It wasn’t all sunbathing though- we did do our share of walking and exploring. I also took myself off for cool evening walks around the town, watching the late evening light turn the mountains purple and spotting bats flittering around my head as they hungrily gulped insects.

We took the train to the city of Elche, known for its extensive palm groves, the scale of which could only be truly appreciated when we climbed the narrow twisting stairway to the top of the bell tower of the Basilica de Santa Maria. They were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000 and are a delight to wander through.

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Walking the Cares Gorge- Picos de Europa

Cares GorgeThe spectacular Cares Gorge was created by glacial waters carving a deep ravine separating the Western and Eastern massifs of the Picos de Europa mountains in northern Spain. The sparking waters of the river Cares now rush and bustle their way along the bottom of the gorge, but in 1916 it was decided to divert some of the water along a canal blasted out of the cliff face to feed the hydro-electricity station at Poncebos. An access path was created at the same time, and although originally intended to service the canal it has become a hugely popular walk.

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