A long walk in the Dark Peak

Eek! I start the Coast to Coast five weeks today!! How the heck did that happen? It felt like ages away and now it’s knocking on my doorstep…

I have been training. Back to back walks at the weekends, walking in the evenings, running up hills and hitting the gym- concentrating on inclines on the treadmill and using the summit trainer. I have had a bit of a niggle in my right Achilles though so have had to ease off a little this week- can’t risk injury now!!

Helen and I completed a long walk in the Dark Peak on Sunday. We haven’t done much walking in the Dark Peak area of Derbyshire- we both confessed it scares us a little- so when Helen found a route in a walking magazine we decided to go for it.

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Back into it!

I went to the nurse to have the dressing changed on my wound for the last time Friday- she pulled it off and announced that my back is now healed so I need no more dressings! This is great news- it is so lovely being able to shower properly- although she did advise me to leave it another week or so until I swim.

Of course, this means that sadly the Half Outlaw is definitely off- I should have been really building up my swimming and cycling over the past few weeks and doing some open water stuff and of course I haven‘t. This is really gutting, but the Coast to Coast in July is still very much on and I am now concentrating all of my efforts on this!

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… Can you guess what it is??


Nearly Cornish Challenge time…

Cornish ChallengeI cannot believe how fast this year has gone. It seems like only a few weeks ago that Helen and I first started actively planning our Cornish Challenge and yet it was last September!

We drive down to St Ives on Thursday to start our walk on Friday, and, of course, in true British tradition the weather has been lovely for days but it gives rain at the weekend…

I think we are ready. After the Pride of the Peak epic we have had another couple of walks of about 15 and 17 miles with the packs. One involved navigating our way round footpaths and bridleways linking Staunton Harold Reservoir and Calke Abbey grounds with Foremark Reservoir. We took Spud with us, and ended up having an impromptu weight training session as we had to physically lift him over several high stiles, much to his disgust!

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2015- A Rather Late Review

2016Woah… what’s this?!? My head still thinks we are only just into 2016 but in reality we are half way through January already! How did that happen January?… you sneaky month, you…

I haven’t even done my review of 2015 yet- but I guess there’s no time like the present so here we go;

At the start of 2015 I somewhat optimistically stated that 2015 was going to be the year of beating the urge to slob out and eat vast quantities of chocolate instead of getting out to train… so just how successful was this?

Hmmm. I’d say variable. Okay, variable to rubbish! I did do quite a fair bit of walking but not much in the way of consistent distance or running training. And there was still far, far too much sofa slobbing and chocolate eating.

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Follow The Tram to Clifton

Clifton Tram WalkSince my first walk to Hucknall following the route of the Nottingham Tram, a further two tram routes have been opened leading to the suburbs of Clifton and Beeston, so I decided that for the sake of continuity I had better go follow them…

I picked a reasonably sunny Autumn day for the second challenge, following the line from Nottingham Station to the terminus at Clifton. Feeling a bit of a fool I walked up the stairs to the tram stop before turning round and leaving the station to join the pavement next to the tram line.

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A Walk Along the Monsal Trail

Monsal TrailAs we piled in the car and set off for Bakewell it promised to be a perfect Autumn day- sunny with clear blue skies, showing the colours of the dying leaves to their best effect. My friend Helen and I had decided to undertake an 18 mile John Merrill walk, which takes in the Monsal Trail then returns over fields and through villages, in preparation for the 26 mile Spires and Steeples Challenge.

We took Helen’s dog Spud with us, and climbed out of the town to reach the trail. The Monsal trail runs for around 8 miles from Bakewell to Blackwell Mill, and as it follows the line of a former railway (and what a scenic one it must have been!) it is easy walking. The worst hazards along the path are large families out for a day on their bikes who like to take up the whole path and decide it’s a good opportunity to teach the kids how to ride- after several near misses one little girl managed to run into me. By the end of the trail I was ready to push people off!

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A Long-ish Walk in Southern Sherwood Forest

Sherwood ForestIt promised to be a lovely day and I needed a nice long-ish walk to help me prepare for the Baslow Boot Bash the following weekend (it’s quite funny when it gets to the stage where you think of a 19 mile walk as long-ish!)

Funds dictated that travelling too far was not a great idea, so southern Sherwood Forest fit the bill quite nicely and I turned to my trusty copy of ‘Long Circular Walks in Nottinghamshire’ by John Merrill.

I chose a walk I’ve done a few times before- a 17 mile circular route starting from near Blidworth and passing through pockets of forest- it’s a pleasant and quite easy route.

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bradgate parkWell, there hasn’t been all that much of it as work really, really gets in the way of life!!

My sister and I are contemplating entering the Manchester to Blackpool bike ride and so I am training towards this. The only thing that makes this ever so slightly difficult is- I don’t actually have a bike! So I am making use of the bike at the gym and altering the resistance to simulate riding uphill.

I think it gives me the same experience as riding a bike… well it makes certain parts of my anatomy sore anyway!

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Follow the Tram!!

Saturday 18th April was absolutely gorgeous… clear blue skies and sunny- it seemed almost criminal not to go on a little adventure.

I had had an idea floating around for an unusual little challenge for some time, and as I have a dodgy knee at the moment I decided that walking would be much better for me than trying to run. So I fired up Google maps and scribbled out a route…

My little adventure was quite simple and possibly quite nuts. You may have heard of people challenging themselves by following the route of the London Tube lines through the capital’s streets… well I found this quite inspiring, but given that it is quite time consuming, not to mention costly, to get to London I decided to see if there was a similar challenge I could do right here in Nottingham instead. Sadly Nottingham lacks an Underground, but it does have one other interesting transport system.


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