On Friday 28th September, a Sita Air plane bound for Lukla, Nepal, crashed on the outskirts of Khatmandu shortly after take off. It is not yet known what caused the crash, but all 19 people on board were killed.

Amongst them were seven British guys and their local tour leader, on their way to the Khumbu region to undertake a 16 day trek in the Everest region of the Himalaya.

They were travelling on an Explore Worldwide trek- not that it’s a reflection on Explore, who I have used twice so far and have been impressed by their professionalism. All of the trekking and expedition companies use these airlines- it’s the way of getting to the mountains. It was just sheer bad luck. Why it particularly hit home for me is because one day I intend to trek in the Himalayas, and this is likely going to be the flight I need to take in order to do so.

Unfortunately this is the nature of adventure travel. It does sometimes carry greater risks than more conventional trips. But saying that, something like this shouldn’t stop you from travelling as you could theoretically drive down the road and be involved in a fatal accident.

Without sounding too ‘health and safety’ maybe there are ways in which the Nepalese air safety record can be improved without lessening the experience. Increased pilot training and more stringent safety checks on planes can perhaps go some way towards improving air travel in Nepal.

In the meantime, my thoughts and condolences are with the families of all those who perished.

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