bradgate parkWell, there hasn’t been all that much of it as work really, really gets in the way of life!!

My sister and I are contemplating entering the Manchester to Blackpool bike ride and so I am training towards this. The only thing that makes this ever so slightly difficult is- I don’t actually have a bike! So I am making use of the bike at the gym and altering the resistance to simulate riding uphill.

I think it gives me the same experience as riding a bike… well it makes certain parts of my anatomy sore anyway!

I did get up to Bradgate Park with a friend yesterday and we found some hills- and some deer! It was a lovely May day- everything seems to have blossomed and bloomed all of a sudden.

Bradgate Deer

Bradgate Deer

I love this time of year- everything’s so fresh and green and all the mud has more or less dried up! Now if we could just lose that cold wind, it’d be lovely…



Bradgate Park

Bradgate Park

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