As I write this, the Coast to Coast is less than a week away. Crazy! I have wanted to do this walk for so many years- and now it is almost time. All the planning, all the training have led me to this point.

I hope I’ve done enough. I think though that when you have committed yourself to a tough physical challenge there is always going to be that nagging doubt at the start line that you could have done more…

I lost a few weeks’ training time to the operation on my cyst, but I have done plenty of walking, plus fairly long back to back walks at the weekends, which is important training for a multi- day trek. I often followed this up with a walk of around ten miles after work on Monday.

One evening a week I spent walking round the lake at Holme Pierrpont. Whilst this may not sound particularly challenging, there are landscaped green areas around the lake with some fairly steep slopes to run up. As the weeks progressed I ran each of them up to five times. At the gym I have been using the summit trainer plus running and walking on the treadmill set to incline.

Swans at Holme Pierrpont

I have done a little running but not much, and have also walked in the evenings. I went to Wales with Helen a few weeks ago and we did some tough treks with a heavy pack, including an ascent of Snowdon.

We have also done some longer walks- 18 miles around Kinder Scout and the Dark Peak, the walk home, plus last weekend’s 28 mile Baslow Boot Bash in the heat. I have been building up my pack weight too, oh, and doing the weights at the gym to try to build upper body and core strength.

The aftermath of the Colour Rush Run!

Over the last two months I have had quite a few weeks where I have walked 60 miles or more in total. I have been doing the Country Walking 1000 Mile challenge, where you commit to walking 1000 miles over the course of the year. Some folks doing the challenge are using fitbits to count literally every step they walk; although this is great for someone who doesn’t usually walk a great deal this seems a cop out for me personally as I do such a lot of walking anyway, so I decided that I would just count boots/ walking shoes/ trail shoes/ running shoes on miles!

I am set to reach 1000 miles in the Lake District on the Coast to Coast which seems really fitting somehow- my favourite place in England and the walk I have wanted to do for years. Hmm, maybe I will go for 2017 miles for 2017!?!

So the training is done- I am tapering now (I love tapering- I actually have time to do things like clean my house!!) and I have done all I can possibly do now…

… bring it on…

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