As promised at the start of January 🙂 here is an update of my training progress…

I have been gradually building up the running and walking in preparation for the Millennium Ultra and have been regularly running 8- 10 miles with a few longer walk/ runs, although a nasty cold this week has meant things have hit a hiatus. Helen and I have done a couple of walks, one from Castleton up Mam Tor and along the ridge to Lose Hill and Back Tor. It was a gorgeous day, and as it was the New Year bank holiday predictably busy- we could have literally danced a conga along the ridge!

We had a little drama as we came across a lass who had slipped on ice in front of a gate and had obviously broken her ankle. She had loads of people with her and so after supplying co-ordinates and donating Helen’s fleece to help keep her warm before Mountain Rescue arrived we slipped away.

The ridge walk between Mam Tor and Lose Hill

Our other little challenge was to walk home from work- well, Helen’s home as walking to mine wouldn’t be much of a challenge as it’s only 1.5 miles. We calculated that we could literally follow the River Trent and then the Trent and Mersey Canal so drove to work early the other Saturday and left her car there.

Route finding was easy but we hadn’t bargained on the mud- we stopped for lunch but realised we were up against the time and would be walking in the dark. As soon as we reached Swarkestone the canal path became particularly churned up and we were making slow progress. Darkness falling didn’t improve our speed any and we made the decision to call Helen’s partner for a lift when we reached Stenson Locks. Luckily he obliged, we had still managed 22 miles and may revisit this challenge in the summer when it’s dry!

The Trent and Mersey Canal

Cycling… erm, I’ve been on the stationary bike at the gym but I’ve not actually been out on my bike… partly because I am chicken, and partly because it’s been wet and icy out. It didn’t help my confidence any when my sister, who is an experienced cyclist, fell off on black ice just after New Year and broke her hip in three places…

Swimming… going great! I managed 80 lengths last Thursday in just under an hour, so at least I know I can manage a little more than the Half Ironman distance within the swim time limit (although I know open water swimming is a different kettle of fish entirely!)

Right- my next event is the 41 mile Millennium Ultra and as usual I have done nowhere near as much training as I intended to do… apparently those bloody electric fences are still in situ too!

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