IMAG2764So- it’s February already!! Is it me or is 2016 zipping along like an express train already?!?

I am convinced the years are actually getting shorter… and while I am having a moan I just want to mention the weather (I am British after all). I mean, what’s with all this wet stuff falling from the sky? It feels like it’s rained nearly every day since last October and every where is just so wet and muddy.

If we don’t get a bit of dry weather soon those fields on the Millennium Way Ultra are going to be one wet morass… they are bad enough at the best of times- one poor soul apparently lost a shoe last year, never to be retrieved, and had to limp back to Stafford Railway Station to catch a train to the finish!

On the advice of race organisers Beyond Marathon I have bought my first ever pair of proper trail shoes- they haven’t actually arrived yet, but they are bright red and I an expecting great things!

So- how is the training going? Well, I could and should have done more, but it can be so tough to throw yourself out of the door when it’s dark, cold, blowing a hooley (hi, Storm Imogen!!) and the rain is pounding against the windows. But I am up to a slow, plodding 10 miles (let’s face it, that’s the only pace I have!) and did get out for a street pounding 22 miles yesterday, a lot of it at a run, and encouragingly enough I don’t feel too bad today.

Have I done enough? I really don’t know… I have 12 hours to cover 41 miles- a flat 41 miles but probably rather muddy. I have another couple of good training weeks before I need to taper so there’s still a little time to pull this one out of the bag…

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