I have neglected this blog lately… but don’t worry I haven’t abandoned it altogether!

There’s just been nothing to write about- no marathon walks, no epic tales of endurance derring too, in fact no exercise at all.

I have had a sore foot. As in totally swollen, feels like I’m walking on a blunt knife and if I am not walking it aches with a dull, throbbing intensity.

To be fair, walking 26 miles in the Peak District heat probably wasn’t the best thing for it, and when I presented it to the GP he suggested a stress fracture and told me to get an x-ray.

I was persuaded by colleagues (who I suspect were motivated more from a desire to see me back at work and taking the pressure off them than in my welfare) to go to A & E rather than wait over a week for an appointment, and after my x-ray their verdict was that there was no stress fracture but lots of inflammation, which could quite possibly develop into that bane of endurance athletes’ lives- plantar fasciitis.

Actually it was fascinating seeing the bones of my foot. My feet are deformed- they are very flat with a stubby little forth toe that looks as though it has been stuck on as an afterthought. Turns out one of the foot bones leading up to this toe is only half as long as it should be! I haven’t really got the feet of an endurance athlete… I haven’t actually got the body of one either but hey…

So after a few days doing very little, keeping it elevated and swallowing ibuprofen as advised, it is actually feeling a lot better and the pain has gone. Hopefully plantar fasciitis will not be making an unwelcome appearance.

I have been walking a little and am planning on building up slowly… unfortunately I have had to let the Gritstone Grind go as there’s no way I could train for it and 35 miles would probably not be the best idea right now… ah well, maybe next year…

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