Well this is the time when I should be reaching the culmination of my training for the Millennium Ultra Way Back and the Half Outlaw… I should be running, swimming, open water swimming and cycling large distances… and what am I actually doing?


I certainly didn’t plan on needing surgery this week- a general anaesthetic no less- on a subaceous cyst on my back which became infected and wasn’t responding to antibiotics. They have left the wound open so that it can heal from the inside out, which means that every day for the forseeable future I need to have the dressings removed from inside the wound and the wound itself cleaned and repackaged.

This bloody stings and I was so wound up about having it done the first day that I ended up fainting and then throwing up afterwards. Nice…

So this means that swimming is definitely out for goodness knows how long and I don’t know when I can run again. I haven’t felt up to much- it has exhausted me just walking up to Morrison’s ten minutes away- and won’t be able to wear a rucksack.

So it looks as though the Millennium Ultra Way Back and the Outlaw are off… which is gutting as I have already put in a load of effort- I even learnt to swim properly- but I don’t see how I am going to be able to do them.

I know what advice I would be giving someone else- forget about it and just concentrate on recovery- so I am going to try to take my own advice for a change…

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