As 2017 draws to a close (is it just me or has it only been five minutes since last Christmas and New Year?!) I am sure that everyone’s thoughts are turning to next year’s adventures.

I am no exception but when I try to decide on what to do next year I have a dilemma- the dilemma of Too Much Choice!

For the keen walker and runner there is a vast away of events to run or trails to walk- so many that we can never hope to do them all in one lifetime… for example I enjoyed walking the Coast to Coast so much this year that I would love to attempt another long distance walk and have been gravitating towards the Pennine Way. But then I think that I would like to try more walking abroad so should I pick a trail in Ireland or Italy instead…

My sister and brother-in-law have also told me that I would be welcome to stay with them and use their house as a base for walking. Whilst this would involve day walks rather than a long distance path it would give me chance to explore more of those lovely areas I found on the Coast to Coast- the Howgills, Pennines and Yorkshire Dales, all of which are within easy reach of Blackpool.

Of course, any choice I make will be dictated by money and the amount of annual leave I have (sigh… if only I could win the lottery… I must admit this would probably be easier if I actually played it…). A walk such as the Pennine Way would eat up three week’s leave whereas I could do a shorter walk in Europe and stay at Blackpool for a week as well with some annual leave left for a few long weekend adventures. But there is something about the Pennine Way that’s calling me…

I also have a UK based ‘biggie’ planned for some point- not next year but possibly before I am 50, but I am not saying much about it at this stage (no it’s not Land’s End to John O’Groats!) I will also be walking around the Isle of Man with Helen in September 2018 which will take around a week factoring in travel, and which will be a great adventure. But I will need something else as well for 2018 and it is deciding what to do next that is the problem.

One of next year’s challenges

We can’t have it all sadly. If we decide to walk this trail, that other trail will have to wait until another time or we risk never getting the chance to walk it. So how do people prioritise what to do next? Maybe the trick is to have a five year plan rather than just planning for next year. This needs some more thought, but I would love to know how other peeps manage this dilemma, so your ideas please!

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