I was out of control, sliding fast towards the murky water with no way of stopping or slowing down. With a huge splash, I was under- opening my eyes a little I could see nothing but dark brown. I could feel the water enter my nose and choking on it I started to feel disorientated. For a brief second I felt panic, but told myself to just relax and let myself float up to the surface. Eventually my head broke free and I started swimming to the muddy water’s edge, fingers trailing slimy weed with each stroke.

I was undertaking the X-runner Wild Warrior obstacle race- doing one of these bad boys has been on my bucket list for some time so when a work colleague started recruiting a team to tackle it I let myself be roped in.

I did have serious second thoughts as we all registered and wrote each other’s number on our foreheads to get into the spirit of things… after all, short plump folk aren’t exactly built for clambering over obstacles, but our gallant leader, Aaron, assured me that everyone he has recruited to take part in one of these end up doing more.

As we were called to the start to take part in the surprisingly energetic work out I was rather perturbed to discover that I had to climb a wall just to enter the starting area!

We set off, clambering over rows of straw bales and crawling under netting- this was the easy bit! Waiting for us were muddy banks to slither down, water to wade through and acres of mud to negotiate… and then there were the obstacles. Walls to climb, inverted walls which I couldn’t do, fire to leap over, steep muddy banks that had to be climbed by ropes, water slides, water so deep you had to swim, tunnels full of stinking water that had to be crawled through, cargo nets, a double row of tyres that required you to somehow squeeze yourself, mangle like, through the middle and many more delights.

Action shot!

I managed to smash my knee against a tree stump sliding comically back down a particularly steep and slippery bank and Aaron took a nasty knock to his ribs on a wall. I discovered, along with my colleague Paula, that I do not like jumping off high things into mucky water, so after dithering a little we gave up and climbed back down. Everyone did really well and we felt like a team, encouraging and helping each other- great team bonding. A colleague had kindly come to show her support and take photos but for some reason she declined our offers of hugs.

I was quite pleased with myself as I managed to attempt most of the obstacles but then Aaron reminded us that we had signed up for the 10k so needed to go round again…

We finished in around 3 ½ hours which has to be quite possibly my worst time ever for a 10k! After spending the best part of it in and out of mud and filthy water we looked rather worse for wear and there wasn’t a part of me that didn’t ache… Helen and I stopped for a restorative Mc Donald’s on the way home but used the drive through as we didn’t dare go in.

I came down with a stinking cold next day, my knee turned a variety of colours that would put a rainbow to shame and when I eased myself into a hot bath I realised that I looked as though I had been beaten up… so, would I do another one? Hmm… maybe…

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